8 Content Curation Tools That Will Slash Your PR Budget

by Jim Dougherty
Public Relations is a content-driven business. Every press release, every talking point, every story that you want to tell is a piece of content. PR professionals know better than most people that content is quickly perishable, and that the perpetual churn of content is expensive. Depending upon your budget, good content is difficult to generate and sustain.Read the full article

Feed Your Content Beast

Learn how to feed your content beast and produce more, better quality, content to support your content marketing startegy.

Trapit Customer Testimonial: Silicon Graphics International (SGI)

Learn how SGI, the leader in high performance computing, is using Trapit to rapidly scale their social media strategy. By curating relevant content that aligns with its core messaging, SGI is powering conversations with prospects even before they enter the sales funnel. If you like what you're hearing, request a free demo at http://www.trap.it

Introducing the PublishThis Content Cloud

Bazaarvoice Media

Fuel advertising with word of mouth content. Today's consumers trust transparent, authentic opinions from people like them. Consumer word of mouth is proven to drive sales and preference. Bazaarvoice Media Solutions create connections between consumers by inserting their authentic opinions into advertising campaigns, creating ads that are: -Trusted. Consumers seek and trust opinions from real product and service users. -Relevant. We curate customer-written ratings, reviews, and stories that match your specific campaign objectives. -Targeted. Our API maps your ad targets to our contributor data, and dynamically serves the most relevant opinions for each consumer.

ScribbleLive - When you're in the business of real-time, what matters is right now.

ScribbleLive delivers an industry leading real-time content creation, publishing and syndication platform that meets the needs of media organizations and brands that want to engage readers and customers, and drive new revenue opportunities. Driven by the growing demand for real-time news and event coverage, Scribble has established itself as the market leader with a feature-rich platform that powers live blogging, real-time journalism, on-the-fly storytelling and audience engagement. A growing number of the world's leading media organizations and brands have embraced ScribbleLive to deliver content and tell stories at the speed of social media.

Branded Content vs Native Advertising - Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner Head of Strategy, Newscred Native Advertising Summit 2014 More articles and interviews: http://contentmarketingallstars.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/News360Brands

Welcome To Storify

A basic introduction to the award-winning, drag-and-drop multi-media blogging platform.

Scoop.it: It just works!

Scoop.it is clever publishing that helps individuals and businesses shine on the Web by sharing ideas that matter. This video shows you how you can quickly and easily discover, enrich and share content from Scoop.it to your topic page, website and all of your social networks. Engage and build your audience and grow your community of interest by connecting with others who have a similar passion or expertise. http://www.scoop.it Watch why we created Scoop.it: http://youtu.be/xbbz8LigRs8