Tough Decisions, Trust and Digital Sharecropping | #94 Content Warfare Podcast

by Ryan Hanley
What are the most important factors to you when making a tough career decision? A few ago I was presented with an opportunity I did not see coming. But even though in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do the decision was not easy. Taking into account that my family would not be negatively impacted and the job was work that I wanted to do, three factors emerged that all ...Read the full article

7 Simple (But Effective) Ways to Increase Engagement on Google Plus

Consistently creating original content inside of Google+ is a cornerstone practice to building an engaged audience. Today we’re going to learn seven tricks create more engagement with original content on Google Plus. Get the transcript here: Martin Shervington's Google Plus Course: ======= Subscribe here on YouTube here: ======= Find more on my blog here: ======= Connect on Google+ here:

Fearlessly Questioning Action vs. Perfection with Ryan Hanley

*Will A Little Extra Motion or Thought Get You the Best Results?* The epic launch week for this new show continues with what promises to be an interesting debate of sorts with +Ryan Hanley. If you've followed Ryan's work for any period time, you know that he is notorious for "acting" and asking questions later. He will be the first to tell you he has made several mistakes constantly hitting the ground running without knowing where he's going first. He has also manage to create a noticeable amount of momentum this way and has stood out in a sea of content marketing wannabes. Would Ryan be even more successful if he applied a little more perfection to his approach? That's what we're going to try and find out. *Today we're are going to go deep, rattle some cages and try to get to the bottom of his action ability.* Join me, +Joey Giangola for this new adventure. You can learn more about +Ryan Hanley for yourself here: *Join The Hangout (No Seriously, For Real, Like on Camera)* We are going to try something "fearless" in the hangout world and bring on the person each week who asks the best fearless question in the event page. If you want a chance to ask your question to Ryan face to face, start submitting your questions now. If your question gets the most +1's we will invite you to join us in the hangout for the last few minutes. *Don't Forget To Check Out the First Two Parts of Our Conversation* #ContentMarketing #OnlineMarketing #ContentWarfare