How to Pitch an Influencer, Blogger, or Journalist

by Douglas Karr
In the past, I’ve written about how to NOT pitch a blogger. The saga continues as I get an endless stream of unprepared public relations professions who don’t have the information I need to promote their client’s products or services. It took a while to actually get a pitch that was worth showing. I received an email from a social media strategist with Supercool Creative.Read the full article

Public Relations - How to Pitch Influencers

Every day I am pitched by public relations professionals on their products and services. Public relations professionals find me in their PR systems as a noted influencer about marketing, marketing-related technology, content marketing, blogging and a number of other topics. As a result, we get hundreds of pitches every week on new platforms and technologies. We love writing about new technology and, since we're a discovery blog, we often write about marketing technology that others don't. That said, I'm always surprised at the lack of preparation that public relations professionals when I ask for some information for a blog post - what the problem is that they solve, how they solve it, some screenshots or a video, and a customer story... it's not a lot to ask!