Launched: The MarketingClips Video Series

by Douglas Karr
In a recent study, consumers said that brands were not meeting their demand for online video. This wasn’t a few… it was about two-thirds of consumers. As a marketing related blog, we need to practice what we preach. In our partnership with Edge of the Web Radio, we already have our podcast segmented into great videos, but we knew we needed more to share with you here.Read the full article

Your Marketing Strategy Needs Video

As with any organization, we continue to struggle with producing the mediums that our customers desire... the fact is that video is skyrocketing in popularity and recent research from Levels Beyond has found that consumers are now becoming frustrated when they land on a website that lacks any video content. Companies have to catch up and we're doing it to. We've outsourced the production and editing of our video to Candidio to help speed things up. Now we just record and send it their way!