RFID vs. iBeacons: Which is better for event marketing?

by David Moth
Marketers and retailers have been quick to begin trials with iBeacons after the technology was added to iOS7 last year. We’ve seen a number of interesting experiments, such as automated messaging in airports, cinemas and baseball stadiums. The speed with which these trials have been expanded for general consumer use is in stark contrast to the years spent covertly trying to f ...Read the full article

ID&C's RFID Wristbands Help Generate 1.9 Million Facebook Likes at Bonnaroo Festival

During the 2012 Bonnaroo Festival, Tennessee, 74,000 music lovers used our RFID wristbands, which were linked to their Facebook accounts to interact with 'LiveClick' stations placed around the festival site. The RFID readers and software were provided by global RFID technology supplier Intellitix. Attendees used their wristbands to post comments and photos to their Facebook timelines. The participation at Bonnaroo was the largest bridge between social media and the physical event space ever created. Here's the stats: 250,000 Live Clicks 20,000 photos posted 1.9 million Likes 1.4 million comments Thanks to Intellitix for letting us use their video. www.intellitix.com www.idcband.co.uk

ID&C & Intellitix at UEFA Champions Festival 2013

The UEFA Champions Festival, May 2013. A groundbreaking event that saw the largest scale of RFID interactions ever. RFID cards and laminates supplied by ID&C www.idcband.co.uk RFID Technology & systems provided by Intellitix www.intellitix.com

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