Why do we love memes? I haz teh ansur

by Ben Davis
It's August, David Cameron has been pointing at fish, Legoland is doing a roaring trade and I'm allowed to write a post about memes. With a science education and a marketing vocation, I like to read firstmonday.org and its peer-reviewed research papers about the internet. Okay, it's often social science and can be pretty qualitative, but it's still interesting to see the inter ...Read the full article

  • 4chan’s Chaos Theory

    vanityfair.com - 2 readers - Are the “hacktivists” who congregate on 4chan.org a growing Internet force—the one that crashed Visa’s and MasterCard’s sites—or just kids with issues? Vanessa Grigoriadis probes their hive mind. Photograph by John Huba.