Khan Academy takes a branding leap

by Tanya Dua
The Khan Academy embarked on its journey to revolutionize learning online nearly a decade ago with its stated mission of providing free education for everyone. Now it has launched its first-ever communications campaign — with the help of a multimillion-dollar deal with Comcast last December — called “You Can Learn Anything.Read the full article

You Can Learn Anything

Khan Academy is on a mission to unlock the world's potential. Most people think their intelligence is fixed. The science says it’s not. It starts with knowing you can learn anything. Join the movement at

John Legend: Success through effort

John Legend shares a personal story about overcoming early rejections in his career to get to where he is today. Join the You Can Learn Anything movement at

  • Comcast, Khan Academy Aim Multimillion-Dollar Partnership At Low-Income Families - 10 readers - As much as Khan Academy has promised “a free world-class education for everyone everywhere,” the reality is that many of the 10 million people reached monthly by its accessible video lessons remain middle-class people--those with enough means to have broadband access. So today, Khan Academy founder and Executive Director Salman Khan [...]