Teespring Tutorial Videos # 17 – Successful VS Unsuccessful Campaigns

After launching 100s of campaigns, (almost 1000), I’ve started to get a pretty good at telling which designs will have a better chance of turning a profit and which designs that won’t. This doesn’t mean that every campaign I launch will be successful. In fact, I still hit a profitable campaign for every 10-15 I launch, it’s just that, more of these will not be complete flops.Read the full article

Teespring Tutorial # 17 - Successful vs Unsuccessful Campaigns [AffEngineer]

Visit http://www.affengineer.com for video tutorials, monthly income reports, case studies, and more! This video will cover my mindset when testing teespring campaigns of facebook. how much of a budget you should allocate for this and the mindset behind each test. Full article can be read here http://affengineer.com/?p=867