Teespring Tutorial Videos # 19 – Re-targeting on FaceBook

Something Teespring themselves recommend doing and to some extent, do for you, is re-targeting your campaigns visitors on FaceBook. For those that don’t know what re-targeting is, it’s basically Facebooks ability to allow it’s advertisers to advertise to people that have visited their website. E.Read the full article

Teespring Tutorial # 19 - Re-targeting on Facebook [AffEngineer]

Visit http://www.affengineer.com for video tutorials, monthly income reports, case studies, and more! This is an Introductory video to the set of Teespring + Facebook videos available on affengineer.com Full article can be read here This brief video will cover how you can retarget your potential customer on FaceBook. It's a very powerful way to get more sales for your teespring campaigns.