20 Mobile Analytics Tools For Mobile Website And Apps

by Divi Fernando
With rapidly changing technology and from the way people access the internet via mobile more than PC, there arises an increasing demand for detailed analytics for mobile websites and apps. After you have successfully redirected your mobile visitors to your mobile site, you need more information that tells you how fruitful the redirect is.Read the full article

  • Yahoo! Acquires Flurry: Inexpensive Audience Acquisition For Yahoo!

    forbes.com - 20 readers - By Julie Ask Today Yahoo! announced its acquisition of mobile analytics and ad platform, Flurry. TechCrunch andKara Swisher on re/code both reported the deal, with a $300M minimum price and $1 billion on the upper end. According to the press release, Flurry sees app activity from 1.4 billion devices monthly and 5.5 billion app sessions [...]