Ugg launches silky new campaign but its approach to digital could improve

by Ben Davis
Ugg is launching a multimedia campaign, promoting its footwear as part of an idealised lifestyle. Check out the video embedded below to get an idea of the brand position (the ad feels like a sort of gooey Guinness advert crossed with a Lands End catalogue). With this new campaign afoot (no pun intended), I thought I’d take a look around the brand’s web presence and see how it stacks up.Read the full article

This is UGG From UGG Australia

We realize the smallest moments are actually our biggest. These are UGG moments. The moments that make us who we are. It introduces us to what matters. This is what feels like nothing else, this is UGG.

UGG Australia, Fall 2014 Women's: This Is UGG "All Nighter" .30

There are times in an artist’s life when passion takes over. You’re so absorbed in your sketchbook that you lose track of time, and soon the morning sun is shining through the window. This describes the process of artist, illustrator, and model Langley Fox- Hemingway. Descending from a family renown for passion, creativity, and beauty, Langley is the daughter of filmmaker Stephen Crisman and Mariel Hemingway and the great-granddaughter of Earnest Hemingway. A visual storyteller in her own right, Langley embodies the aspirational spirit of her generation. The world is now taking notice of her authentic, pioneering style, and dedication to her chosen craft.