Content Marketing: What Separates Success From Failure? [Rand Fishkin Interview]

by Eric Enge

The Greatest Lie Content Marketing Ever Told

Watch as Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge, and Mark Traphagen discuss one of the great myths of content marketing - that you will get direct conversions from your content marketing efforts. This 3 minute video outlines why this is not true, and what you should expect to get as value instead.

Content Marketing Requires Multiple Touches to Drive Results

In the days before the web, it was a common marketing belief that it required 7 advertising impressions to make a sale. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Creativity is Not a Natural Gift, it Comes From Practice

One big content marketing myth is that creativity is something thing you are born with. In fact, it is more the result of extensive practice. Watch as Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge, and Mark Traphagen discuss why this is true, and how practice can help make you a great content marketer

Content Marketing: Separating Success From Failure

It can be a thin line that separates success from failure in the world of content marketing. Join Rand Fishkin, Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge as they take this hot topic head on. Time stamps for this show (provided by Marilyn Moore) are as follows: 0:05 - Welcome, Introductions, and a Happy Birthday :) 1:47 - Show agenda 2:57 - Content marketing isn't new, it's classic SEO. 3:44 - There are new implications. 4:08 - Misconceptions about content marketing 4:40 - Myth 1: There is a direct connection between a piece of content and people doing business with you 6:05 - Don't confuse a blog post with a landing page 11:48 - The bigger journey is to put yourself in the right place at the right time for the right person. 13:23 - An example of how content marketing is a very serendipitous investment and very difficult to measure 15:19 - The relationship between the number of customer impressions and a sale 17:24 - Myth 2: A certain kind of buyer content, if it is "good enough", will" sail across the web" and become successful content marketing 20:06 - You're planting seeds today that you may not harvest for years. 22:57 - Think of the water cooler conversations - Shout out to +Ammon Johns 24:45 - Eric takes a slight diversion with a bone to pick 27:33 - What kind of content succeeds and works well? 28:32 - Content needs to resonate with a particular community and align with its passion 29:59 - The challenge of finding the emotional triggers. 31:15 - The most important skill a content marketer needs 32:25 - The single most important thing that Mark has learned 34:24 - Empathy and how to appeal to the emotion of that person 35:50 - It starts with the very first seconds of that content 36:33 - A switch from strategy to tactics: using BuzzSumo; creativity + execution 38:38 Myth 3: Some people are naturally good at content marketing. Don't confuse talent with practice. 40:31 - It takes years of investment, which is a really hard thing to sell to people 41:05 - Who says YES to that? 42:16 - Eric's SEO sales pitch 43:19 - SEO combined with content marketing is very powerful 46:10 - Put some thought into what you want your content to rank on 46:27 - The payoff is reputation, trust building, and brand impressions 47:48 - A brilliant marketing suggestion :) 49:10 - Content marketing and SEO are about being generous 52:05 - Everybody in a company is part of marketing 53:19 - The challenge of knowing what you want your 'content marketing 'content' to rank for vs your more sales funnel oriented pages. 57:38 - None of us start at the top 58:08 - Is content marketing for everyone? 1:02:44 - At some point you've got to jump in the game 1:03:43 - A wrap-up from Rand 1:05:24 - Parting thoughts from Eric

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