#SocialSkim: Facebook Ads and Satire, Twitter Experiments, Tumblr User Insights, Vine, ALS, More!

Be among the first to scope out Facebook's plans to double some ads and help users separate truth from satire, Twitter's experiments with users' timelines, a veritable Vine-fest, new user insights for Tumblr, and how much money the ALS #icebucketchallenge has raised. Skim for the scoops. When Apple gets an Emmy.Read the full article

Apple - Holiday - TV Ad - Misunderstood

Wow, Apple. Just wow. This is an insanely great ad! It's just so you. This may be the single best ad of 2013. And seriously one of the best in Apple's entire history. Keep up the great work, Apple! And Happy Holidays, everyone!

The new Vine Camera

Introducing the new Vine camera, which lets you shoot, import, edit and share Vines — fast.
Unlock advanced camera tools and the freedom to create Vines in any way you want. Plus, you can now import and share existing videos from your phone.

Download update here: http://get.vine.co
To learn more, visit: http://blog.vine.co

Liking the music?
It’s “Dear Mom & Dad” by our friends @UsTheDuo

A.1. Sauce: New Friend Requests

A.1. Sauce and steak have always been inseparable...until now. A.1. is ready meet new foods, and it's time to tell steak...it's complicated.