You’re Missing 3 out of 5 Elements on Making an Impression

by Douglas Karr
I was in attendance for the launch party of Ex. Ex. Midwest, a print-only publication about the food culture of the Midwest. As I spoke to the team who created, there was incredible pride in both the content, the art and the finished product. The magazine was solid and you could feel the quality of the paper, smell the fresh print, and almost taste the food so richly described in the magazine.Read the full article

Your Marketing Is Not Feeding the Senses! - As sales and marketers are nurturing leads and attempting to leave an impression, they rely on digital media heavily nowadays. The automation tools are spectacular and the costs are minimal per touch point. The problem is that digital media can only provide 2 of the 5 senses... seeing and hearing. What about touch, smell and taste? It used to be more commonplace in the sales industry to travel to a prospect and wine them and dine them... the experience left a lasting impression because now there were smlles, tastes and the touch of a handshake to make a memorable impression. What used to be commonplace is now rare - which is an incredible opportunity for marketers. You can differentiate yourself from your competition by doing something special that touches all of the senses!