Four Things About Branding That B2Bs Can Learn From Nonprofits

In the past decade, the amount of nonprofits has increased by 25% to more than 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US alone, but individual giving has remained steady as a percentage of income. As a result, a larger amount of nonprofits are competing for the same share of donations. To retain donations, many nonprofits have had to become increasingly competitive and th ...Read the full article

Built For It Trials - Stack: Largest JENGA® Game Played with Cat® Excavators

When we play blocks, we play BIG. "Stack" pits five Cat® machines, including Excavators and Telehandlers, against a mountain of massive JENGA® blocks. The object of the game is for heavy equipment operators to remove and then reposition a stack of 27 JENGA® blocks one at a time, without toppling the structure -- using only their Cat machines and attachments. #BuiltForIt Learn more: Watch the Stack behind-the-scenes video: CONNECT WITH CAT PRODUCTS: Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - JENGA® IS A TRADEMARK OF POKONOBE ASSOCIATES. LICENSED BY POKONOBE ASSOCIATES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ® REFERS TO U.S.A. TRADEMARK.