28 Split Testing Tools for Mobile, WordPress and More

by Sharon Hurley Hall
A short while ago, we published a roundup of 24 split testing tools in all price ranges. But those tools focused mainly on the Web experience, and there are many more tools out there. This roundup focuses on tools for split testing mobile apps and WordPress sites, as well as a few bits of code for the really hardy code wranglers among you. Surely, among these 28 tools, you’ll find what you need.Read the full article

Case Study: Amazon A/B Testing Improves Mobile App Retention

http://bit.ly/KCEb5G A/B Testing is about using data to challenge assumptions and test new ideas. Watch this video to hear about the "happy accident" that inspired an important A/B test the team hadn't considered and how it led to an increase in retention and monetization for Air Patriots.