GE drops jet-engine jams

by Shareen Pathak
Move over, Nicki Minaj. Summer may be nearly over, but it’s not too late yet for a new release to worm its way into your ears. And no, we’re not talking about “Anaconda.” The most recent contender for the jam of the summer could come from GE, IBM or Siemens. New campaigns from each of the brands are making music from the most pedestrian of sources: factories, footsteps and windmills.Read the full article

Drop Science - Matthew Dear + The Sounds Of GE

Subscribe to the GE Channel: Every machine has its own acoustic signature - a precise frequency that indicates whether that machine is operating at peak performance. GE engineers monitor and record these sounds to perform real-time diagnostics on airplane engines, locomotives, power turbines, and medical equipment. Musician Matthew Dear and GE Acoustic Engineer Andrew Gorton teamed up to collect and compose thousands of audio emissions from the world’s most powerful machines. The result is an original track of music titled “Drop Science.” Download the full track at Follow Matthew Dear: GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE works. Connect with GE Online: Visit GE's Website: Find GE on Google +: Find GE on Tumblr: Find GE on Facebook: Follow GE on Twitter: Follow GE on Pinterest: Follow GE on Instagram: Find GE on LinkedIn: Drop Science - Matthew Dear + The Sounds Of GE

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