How to Do a Webinar Your Audience Will Love

by Dan Shewan
Good webinars can be a little like independent movies – they leave you feeling wonderful, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Bad webinars, however, are more like Michael Bay movies – after two hours, you begin to wonder how somebody could have possibly been paid to make something so unapologetically terrible.Read the full article

A Growth Hacker's Guide to Search Engine Marketing [Webinar]

For more information, visit This webinar covers a growth hacker's approach to paid search. Learn what growth hacking actually is (and what it isn't) from Qualaroo CEO Sean Ellis—the guy who coined the term. See WordStream Founder & CTO Larry Kim demonstrate how to apply the philosophy to search marketing and find new wins in your campaigns. Go beyond PPC best practices with 10 innovative growth-hacking principals you can apply immediately to take your search marketing to the next level.

New Google Quality Score Info -- What You Need to Know

For more information, visit Despite the fact that a higher-than-average Quality Score in AdWords can save you up to 50% on your cost per click and 80% on cost per conversion, Google continues to downplay the importance of this crucial metric. Google's precise formula for calculating Quality Score is famously mysterious. With Google's recent announcement about changes to Quality Score raising more questions than answers, how can you stay on top and know where to make improvements? In this webinar, WordStream founder and paid search veteran Larry Kim revealsl some incredible tricks to truly understand Quality Score and its considerable impact on the rest of your AdWords account. You'll learn: - What Google's announcement really means, and what they left out - Why you should care about Quality Score in AdWords - How AdWords Quality Score is actually calculated - What can you do to improve Quality Score, right now!

Honey, I Shrunk My Wasted Spend [Webinar]

A vast majority of AdWords advertisers' accounts are not optimized to their full potential, and simple missteps like choosing the wrong keywords or writing boring ad copy can ruin account performance and cost you literally thousands of dollars. In this free webinar, WordStream's in-house PPC expert Jeff Stevens will walk you through the most common AdWords pitfalls and how you can avoid them. You'll also learn... - 3 actionable tips to shrink your PPC wasted spend: We share REAL examples that you can walk away from the webinar and start saving money today! - How you can reduce and reallocate your wasted spend in just 20 minutes per week - And so much more!

Webinar: Unbelievable Discoveries to TRIPLE Your Conversion Rate!

In the world of PPC, getting clicks is only half the battle - the other half is getting those visitors to take the next step and actually convert to customers. In this webinar, WordStream's Founder & CTO Larry Kim and Lead Analyst Mark Irvine reveal simple strategies guaranteed to TRIPLE your conversion rate. You'll learn: -Features of top converting PPC campaigns -Conversion rate benchmarks for top industries -Precise impact of Quality Score on Cost Per Action -Easy conversion rate experiments to send your conversions sky-high! Watch it now and arm yourself with the tools needed to launch your conversion rate to infinity -- and beyond! For more information, visit