Social Media Marketing: Setting expectations both internally and externally [Video]

by Erin Hogg
“#FAIL” is the last thing you want to hear from your audience on your social media channels. From disgruntled users or customers to people calling out your company or brand’s blunder, handling the outcome of a social media fail correctly is critical for recovery. But beyond just addressing a crisis online, is there an effective way to prevent these cringe-worthy mishaps fro ...Read the full article

Social Media: How to handle crises

Watch exclusive interviews from the MarketingSherpa Media Center -- live from IRCE, the world's largest e-commerce event at In this video, Andrew Jones, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group, and speaker at IRCE, joined MarketingSherpa's Daniel Burstein in the MarketingSherpa Media Center. Watch this exclusive interview as Jones talked about managing social media, especially when it goes wrong. Jones talked about the need for a set of internal guidelines that lay out how to handle challenging situations on social media. "In a crisis, you may not want an intern handling the brand's social media -- you probably want a seasoned PR manager to craft an appropriate response," Jones advised. Watch this video for some examples of companies that encountered social media crises, and how those situations were handled.