Which newsweekly Ferguson cover story resonated most?

by Lucia Moses
The newsstand is dying, so magazines today go to social media to stir up attention for their covers. Three newsweeklies this week devoted their covers to Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer earlier this month. Each of the chilling covers depicted the “hands up” sign that has become an iconic sign of the protests that have ...Read the full article

  • Inside the Tragedy of Ferguson

    time.com - 3 readers, 104 Tweets - The shooting death of Michael Brown, and the violence that has followed, have only made the town’s problems worse

  • Cover Story: Eric Drooker’s “Ferguson, Missouri”

    newyorker.com - 3 readers, 401 Tweets - The artist Eric Drooker explains how the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by police and protests in Ferguson, Missouri, inspired next week’s cover.