The Free Graphic Design Tool PR Pros Need

by Alexis Anthony
By now, we all know the importance of visual content (if you didn’t know that, here’s a post you should read). Visuals are what draw attention to your social posts, articles, blog posts and white papers. These days many design responsibilities fall under the public relations team. But not every PR pro has an expert who can quickly churn out graphics.Read the full article

Introducing the Canva Button: Let Your Customers Design

Every site that allows users to upload content, whether it's a Web app, e-commerce provider or ad network, wants their users to have beautiful graphics. However until now, it's almost impossible to create something that looks good without knowing how to use professional design tools. Give your users an alternative to the 'Upload' button by integrating Canva into your website. It only takes a few lines of code. Get the Canva Button: