Why You Should Care About PageRank

by Dave Davies
If you’re an experienced SEO you likely read the title thinking, “Oh no.” If you’re newer to SEO you’ll have read it and thought to yourself, “But … that goes against what I’ve read on a hundred other sites.” If either of these was your instinct you’re right, assuming you were thinking of that little green bar.Read the full article

Prodigy Internet, because we have horoscopes (commercial, 1998)

It's 1998 and captive online services are in transition. What people really want now is to get on the internet. So captive online services like AOL and Prodigy are offering the internet plus. Plus what? Horoscopes apparently. Prodigy was really on their way out, but when this aired, AOL was still to make their big move and acquire Time-Warner using their inflated internet valuation (in 2000). But make no mistake, the captive services were already dead men walking at this time, the breadth of services available on the internet ensured that internet access would be all that mattered. Although AOL surely kept sending floppies and/or CD-ROMs to your mailbox for years to come.