Aflac Launches #AflacSweeps With YouTube Page Takeover Game

by Steve Hall
As part of its partnership with college football’s Heisman Trophy, Aflac has teamed up with 1991 Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard for a new campaign that includes an online sweepstakes. The company aims to connect the idea of speed on the playing field to speed in getting insurance claims paid.Read the full article

The Paymaker

This film room is full of surprises… like how fast Aflac can pay. Because while the Aflac Duck might not be a football genius, he’ll hustle to help Aflac pay your claim – on average in just four days. Enter for a chance to win and see how fast some of the top college football stars move down the field at Aflac’s Ultimate College Football Experience. Enter now: Assistant Coach: Okay, let’s settle down. Coach: Alright, Let’s see that flea flicker. Coach: What’s this? Duck: Aflac. Coach: Show me that double wing formation. Duck: Aflac! Coach: Doesn’t really know football, does he? Assistant Coach: No, but when I got hurt, he paid my claim in only four days. Coach: Four days? WOW! Okay, last chance, the Play Action. Coach: Okay, forget it. Aflac. An official partner of the Heisman Trophy.