Hello Kitty’s not a cat. What other brand mascots should we question?

by Brian Braiker
By now you have probably woken up to the headline that has rocked the globe back on its heels. No it doesn’t come from the Ukraine, or ISIS controlled territory or Brad and Angelina’s secret wedding in France. The news that has shocked the world? Hello Kitty is not a cat. Christine R. Yano, an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii and author of the forthcoming book “Pin ...Read the full article

Press Conference: To Command or Crunch?

The Cap'n stands tall on the mutinous rumblings regarding his rank. FOLLOW the Cap'n on Twitter: http://twitter.com/realcapncrunch TWEET about the show using #capncrunchshow LIKE the Cap'n on Facebook: http://facebook.com/capncrunch SUBSCRIBE and watch the latest from The Cap'n Crunch Show!

Jack in the Box Super Bowl Ad

This is the Jack in the Box commercial that ran during the Super Bowl 43 showing Jack Box getting hit by a bus.

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