Instagram’s Hyperlapse: a new social video toy for brands

by Christopher Ratcliff
Instagram has a new standalone tool and in just two days it has captured the interest of various trend-savvy brands and made this writer waste an entire evening playing around with it. I think you’ll agree when you see the results below, that it was totally worth it. Hyperlapse is a standalone video app designed by Instagram, allowing the user to capture high-quality time-lap ...Read the full article

New York City HD Timelapse

New York is an amazing cityscape that lends itself to time lapse photography. Filmed in high definition by Steve Bumgardner, this 3-minute Blu-ray bonus feature and timelapse was taken while spending a week filming our new "National Parks of New York Harbor film". Available on Blu-ray and DVD on location and from ©Finley-Holiday Film Corp.

Instagram hyperlapse LEGO trial #2

Instagram hyperlapse LEGO trial #1