Mobile Video Conferencing: Avoiding Embarrassment: What NOT to Do

by Gail Gardner
Does going on camera make you nervous? Have you ever forgotten you were on video or thought it hadn’t started yet and done something really embarrassing? What messages popped up or windows did you forget to close while you were screen sharing? This humorous video shows some of these embarrassing moments: Video Highlights: Turn off ALL desktop communication services Primp BEFORE the camera.Read the full article

Meeting Mindfulness: Four Video Conferencing Mistakes to Avoid

Become a video conferencing rock star! Download our free "Video Conferencing for Dummies Guide" When done right, video is fueling today’s conversations by providing an active and engaging environment. But because video is new to most, it is easy to fall victim to some of the common faux pas of video conferencing. We've put together some fun tips to keep your meetings memorable for the right reason. Let’s all put our best face forward.