What is experiential marketing and why do you need it?

by Christopher Ratcliff
Just when you think you’ve gotten to grips with every new phrase or buzzword in the world of digital marketing, another comes along to make you go “uhhhhhh...?” During my first year at Econsultancy I’ve been making a point of writing beginner’s guides to any new terms or phrases I find particularly baffling, or that I might suspect other people may find baffling too.Read the full article

#TimsDark Experiment | Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee

Tim Hortons surprised customers by taking away their senses and inviting them to Get into the Dark. What happens next is an experience with Tims Dark Roast that no one saw coming… Learn more: http://TimsDark.com

No ordinary park bench

At Virgin Atlantic we fly in the face of ordinary with all that we do, and we wanted to bring a taste of that to the streets of NYC. So we took over an ordinary bench and gave unsuspecting park-goers a taste of the Virgin Atlantic experience. See their priceless reactions as they enjoy everything you would expect in the air, without ever leaving the ground. Experience more examples of how we're flying in the face of ordinary at http://virginatlantic.com/fitfoo. Or join the conversation #fitfoo https://twitter.com/VAAintheUSA https://twitter.com/VirginAtlantic