OOPS! McDonald’s Tweets That Its Own Video Is “Bad Information” About Chicken McNuggets

by Danny Sullivan
All that work McDonald’s has done to convince people of the quality of its food, gone in a tweet? It’s probably not that bad, but it is embarrassing that McDonald’s called one of its own educational videos “bad information” on Twitter today. Come along for this edition of brand tweet gone bad. It started on Monday, when the How Things Work Twitter account tweeted an animated ...Read the full article

Pink goop in Chicken McNuggets? McDonald's Canada answers

http://mcdonalds.ca/yourquestions Armand R. from Edmonton, Alberta asked: "What are legitimately in mcnuggets is there pink goop?" Here's our answer: There's no "pink goop" in our Chicken McNuggets, Armand. We use chicken breast and a natural proportion of chicken skin used for flavor and as a binder. But your question is so popular, you've inspired us to show you how they're made. Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our supplier's facility in London, Ontario, Canada. And see for yourself exactly what's in our Chicken McNuggets. (Legitimately.) http://yourquestions.mcdonalds.ca/questions/4420 Ask your own question at http://McDonalds.Ca/YourQuestions