The Friday Catch-Up: A Whirlwind of News and So Little Time

by Anna Korolekh
Hey there everyone! It feels like we just went through an eternity since last Friday. The weeks are getting longer and we just cannot wait that much to see you guys again. The noisemakers around the internet perhaps had a similar idea because we are simply teeming with gossip. This week, you’ll notice our news section is a bit fatter than usual.Read the full article

Getting your events into the Knowledge Graph

What festivals are happening this summer near me? Where can I catch a jazz concert, see a comedy show, find a performance of MacBeth, or participate in a 5K race? Millions of users ask Google questions like these about upcoming events every day — but to answer well, Google needs *structured data* directly from the most authoritative websites for each event. In this talk, we'll describe how event organizers, performers, venues, ticketers, and website hosts can participate in Google's new event search features. We'll cover: the new JSON-LD markup format; new properties for specifying event information in detail; how events are linked to the Knowledge Graph; and what it takes to show your events in Search, Google Now, Maps, and more.

How Does Google Determine Content Quality? How Would You?

Please join us in this special show in which we dig into how Google determines what is good content vs. bad. Panda is one of the many algorithms they use to do that. Join +Bill Slawski, +Ammon Johns, +David Harry, +Mark Traphagen, and I as we dig deeply into this topic. Here is the YT Link: The show will air on Thursday July 31st, at 3 PM ET (Boston time). Say YES to get access to the video for live or later viewing. I will also share the video link here for mobile viewers. Please share this event or invite others to join us. Let's pack the house! Thanks for your help. Time Stamps for the show are as follows: 0:00- Introduction from Eric Enge 0:50- Introducing Bill Slawski, David Harry, and Ammon Johns 3:40- Bill Slawski discusses a new algorithm from Google called Panda 4.0 to help determine the quality of sites 6:25- Google wants to start issuing warnings when the device being used and the technology on a site do not match up 9:08- Why would there be a patent targeted at quality raters? 11:09- Panda continues to improve and release new versions 14:30- What questions can be asked to determine the quality of a site? 16:25- When you say Page Quality, do you mean just the page itself and not including incoming links and off page things? 20:07- The ability to meet the need of the query plays a large role in determining the quality of a site or a page 24:00- Quality can be determined by finding that the article provides a complete and comprehensive description of the topic 25:59- The content that is presented is whatever answers the query the best 28:40- Google returns content based on the user intent and the need for freshness with given queries 33:30- High click through rate for a given piece of content may lead to that content being used more frequently 34:10- Many factors play into determining quality 37:33- How to pick which site to use, when more than one could answer the query 41:00- How to assign authority to sites 43:20- Algorithms may not have same guidelines that Google would give to a manual rater 47:40- Spelling, Stylistic, and Factual errors can effect quality 49:20- How manual inspections work 52:13- If you've been hit by Panda, can you come back? 55:22- How much do 302 redirects bring down page quality and how do they impact a site? 56:30- Panda 4.0 seems to be unfinished 1:00:00- Closing remarks from each guest