6 A/B Testing Mistakes You’re Making

by Jon Correll
A/B testing is the best way to find out how you can mold your website to optimize conversions. However, it does not guarantee better numbers for your business. If you go about A/B testing incorrectly, your efforts could amount to striking the air—leaving you frustrated, tired, and with nothing to show for all your efforts.Read the full article

Jason Cohen: How data will make you do totally the wrong thing. Business of Software 2012

Jason Cohen, CEO of WP Engine, has been worried that too many people take A/B Testing too seriously, or at least take it seriously without understanding what it can do for your business. He is worried that not enough people know when to use AB Testing and when you should do something else. He makes an excellent case to focus on the things that make the biggest difference in a startup, before you have enough data to make data-driven decisions. He rightly points out the fallacy of focusing on small incremental improvements using AB Testing and the like without enough focus on getting things right.