A Cheap Investment in Audio Will Increase Video Engagement

by Douglas Karr
One of the reasons why we’ve started this video series is to show how easy it is to record and publish videos to help your overall marketing strategy. Open any modern Mac or PC today and there’s a built-in camera and microphone ready to record your next 1-minute video. Fire up the internal recording program and away you go! There’s one small problem, though.Read the full article

Better Audio Leads to Better Video Engagement

We've been working with companies to publish videos on their site with the understanding that it doesn't have to be some difficult, time-intensive, expensive task. However, simply enabling your video camera and recording a minute or two sometimes provides a great video - but with terrible audio. In this video, I just describe the difference (with no audio enhancements) between using an inexpensive lavalier microphone purchased on Amazon http://j.mp/mtb-lavmic and the microphone that's internal to the Apple Thunderbolt display.