Ecommerce: Going beyond omnichannel for creative customer experiences

by Erin Hogg
Omnichannel is a word that many marketers have become familiar with in the past year or so. It’s the evolution of multichannel marketing and, some argue, an overused buzzword. Lisa Butler, Head of Enterprise Solutions Enablement, eBay, agrees with that statement. In the MarketingSherpa Media Center at IRCE, she sat down with Allison Banko, Reporter, MarketingSherpa, to discu ...Read the full article

E-commerce Marketing: Evaluating what omnichannel really means

Watch exclusive interviews from the MarketingSherpa Media Center -- live from IRCE, the world's largest e-commerce event at Reporting live from the 10th annual IRCE in Chicago, MarketingSherpa's Allison Banko sat down with Lisa Butler, Head of Enterprise Solutions Enablement, eBay Enterprise, in the MarketingSherpa Media Center. Butler highlighted omnichannel marketing in this interview. "Omnichannel is becoming an overrated buzzword; it's becoming meaningless. So we went to multichannel, to omnichannel, to all channels -- what it really means is just allowing customers to shop however they want," Butler said. Butler also provided some examples of retailers that are embracing the customer experience, and how to make the experience also work for merchants.