How I Got 100,000 Podcast Downloads in 62 Days (Without An Existing Platform)

Towards the end of last year, I started mentally toying with the idea of doing a podcast. I regularly listened to various shows and had always enjoyed podcasts but for whatever reason, I had never really given any thought to doing my own. But the more I considered it, the more intrigued with the idea I became.Read the full article

Podcasting Tutorial - Video 1: Equipment and Software - This is the first of a series of podcasting tutorial videos to help you get your podcast up and running. Here are links to items mentioned in this video (some of the links below are affiliate links - thank you so much if you use them!): Heil PR-40: Audio-Technica ATR2100USB: (thanks to Father Roderick at Samson C01U: Blue Snowflake: Logitech ClearChat USB Headset: Audacity Free Audio Recording/Editing Software: Call Recorder for Skype (Mac Users): Pamela Call Recorder for Skype (PC/Windows Users): Podcast Answer Man Equipment Packages: Here are the links to other videos in this tutorial: Video 2 - Recording Tips: Video 3 - Exporting & Tagging: Video 4 - Hosting Your Media: Video 5 - Your Feed and 1st Episode: Video 6 - Submitting Your Feed: