How to Deal with Haters Online | #98 Content Warfare Podcast

by Ryan Hanley
Today we learn how to deal with haters online. For those content creators looking to push the boundaries of ordinary conversation with new thoughts and ideas, an inevitable consequence is haters and trolls. I’m not talking about people who simply differ in opinion, but individuals who feel the need to attack with negativity and awfulness.Read the full article

How to Deal with Haters Online | Content Warfare TV

How to Deal with Haters Online As content creators online at some point we will all have to deal with haters and trolls. This week I'm joined by Jason Wiser, Wade Harman and Nicholas Cardot to chat about how to deal with haters and trolls online. ======= _Can't make the live show but still want the great content? Find your favorite way to subscribe below:_ Subscribe by email: Youtube Subscribe link: iTunes subscribe link: Stitcher subscribe link: SoundCloud subscribe link: #bookpublishing #bookmarketing #publishing

Killer Tactical Marketing with Ryan Hanley of Content Warfare

Read, Watch, Listen - "Killer Tactical Marketing with Ryan Hanley of Content Warfare" ⇒ So earlier this week I’m cruising through my stream and come across this post by Ryan Hanley titled “Google Killed the Generalist.” I opened it up and started reading and I was like, “serious, Hanley! Are you kidding me?!” He started talking smack about the generalists - a sweeping attack. So you can imagine I got my feathers ruffled a little. It was haughty. It was condescending. It was an apology to generalists where he asked, “Are you a generalist? That’s too bad. Actually, I should say, I’m sorry. Google Killed the Generalist.” I had to write a rebuttal. I couldn't let this slide. You see, my company, Wiser Sites, is a bona fide generalist, general contractor, one-stop shop marketing agency. We hire specialists for our clients. We are generalists, and we are proud of it! I put up a rebuttal post that sparked a discussion with over 75 thoughtful and inspired comments. Then two more blog articles made reference to this “debate” and several posts and shares picked up on the discussion. ( see the post that sparked this here - ) The conversation spilled over to Twitter where Hanley wrote “Wiser bout to get Hangout slapped. # GauntletThrown Let’s do this! In case you don’t know, Ryan and I are good friends and we have a mutual respect. I called him up and said let’s do this on an HOA. Let’s talk about sensationalism - headlines written to reel the readers in, content that is written to incite an emotion, and how far is too far. This week we'll be talking about “Killer Tactical Marketing with Ryan Hanley of Content Warfare.” He will help us understand how to “win the battle for attention online,” one headline at a time. See you there. ========================================­============== Push The BIG red button - Subscribe on YouTube - Tweet This - Join us on Twitter using the hashtag - #OnTrackTips Future Guests: Dennis Yu Cynthia Sanchez Yifat Cohen and Marc Gafni Jay Baer Ian Cleary Mark Traphagen ========================================­­============== Connect with +Ryan Hanley on G+ Website: ========================================­­============== #contentmarketing #contentstrategy #contentmarketingtips #hoa #OnTrackTips