Redskins Facts: A Content Strategy Gone Horribly Wrong

by Gabe Rosenberg
When the Washington Redskins kicked off their first season under their new name in 1933, four players, along with head coach William Henry “Lone Star” Dietz, proudly called themselves Native Americans. Those players were being honored by the team owner, George Preston Marshall: The name stands for “strength, courage, and respect,” fitting for a respected football institution.Read the full article

Redskins is a Powerful Name

Many Native Americans do not find the Redskins name offensive, and instead are more concerned with other issues facing their community

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Tom & Jerry in Redskin Blues [1932]

Redskins gallop in circles around Tom and Jerry's stagecoach as the parties exchange fire. The coach gets wrecked, but the boys use clubs to fend off the flying arrows and tomahawks. They then escape up a cliffside via a makeshift ladder. The Indians fly up after them, using their headdresses as wings. Tom and Jerry are caught and tied to stakes before the fat, cloaked Chief. As Indian girls dance around the stakes, Tom and Jerry play xylophone music on the firewood at their feet. Just before the firewood is set aflame, Jerry blows a horn to call for rescue; the cavalry, planes, tanks and even ships arrive. The Chief is captured, but only until he unleashes his secret weapon — a mouse. The vermin is seen as such a threat that the armed forces flee instantly, leaving Tom and Jerry to "hop" home, still tied to the stakes. An unremarkable wild west cartoon is improved by the comedy of the unexpected. Numerous seemingly fat, cloaked Indians are unwrapped to reveal beautiful girls; when the cavalry leader uncloaks the Chief, he's revealed as a Jewish caricature. The Jewish Indian was a standard vaudeville gag at the time, in part the result of Fanny Brice's hit song on the theme (I'm an Indian).

Dan Snyder: Look at the History

OTL: "The name of our football team is the name of our football team"