Some semi-rational thoughts on Apple, U2 and nefarious marketing practices

by Christopher Ratcliff
Yesterday a new U2 album appeared magically in my iTunes folder and if you’re one of the 500m other iTunes users, it magically appeared in yours too. Depending on your iCloud settings, it may even be fully downloaded and ready to play on your desktop and your iPhone. Thanks Apple. Thank you very much.Read the full article

South Park - Bono YEAH YEAH YEAAH! (All Of Them) HQ/HD

Forgot to put the last one in, here's a link if anyone wants to see it: South Park parodying Bonos song 'Vertigo' No HQ/HD versions of this were on YouTube so I uploaded them... (No copyright infringement intended) (There's actually one missing where Stan goes to visit Bono and he comes out singing. It's not as good as the three in this video though in my opinion.)