Agency Crowdsources ‘Selfie Speeding Signs’ To Display On Interactive Billboards

by Steve Hall
In Belgium, they use happy (and sad) faces on their speed limit signs. The signs, which react in real time to drivers’ speeds, display a happy face when the driver is within the limit and a sad face when the driver exceeds the limit. While that’s already far more interesting than the signs in America, Antwerp-based Duval Guillaume, working with local government, has taken th ...Read the full article

The Selfie Speeding Sign

As part of an awareness campaign to stop people from speeding, the city of Antwerp and Duval Guillaume created the Selfie Speeding Sign. Local residents are invited to upload two selfies and become a real life traffic sign. Belgium already has traffic signs with animated smileys. Now these are replaced by selfies: one with a happy face and one with a disapproving glare. After a couple of days, hundreds of selfies have been uploaded and used to stop people from speeding. The campaign immediately caught the attention of local and national media, and even BBC News picked it up. Campaign website: