7 videos from the inaugural MarTech of August 2014

by Scott Brinker
Want to get a glimpse of what the inaugural MarTech conference was like? We recorded 7 of the sessions on video, and after a little editing, we’ve released them on YouTube to share (if you’re reading this in email, click here to watch on the website): Opening remarks on martech, oxymorons, and bad-ass unicorns My introduction on the morning of the first day of the conference, describing why mar.Read the full article

MarTech: Fireside Chat - The Engineer Who Hacked Marketing

If you're looking for a first-rate example of the incredible power that an engineer can wield in the world of marketing today, look no further than Dharmesh Shah. Dharmesh is the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, who "cracked the code" of inbound marketing — and wrote the code to enable thousands of other marketers to do the same. In this closing "fireside chat," Dharmesh and host Scott Brinker will discuss his experience developing software for marketers, from the genesis of HubSpot to the many inventions he's ushered from the lab into the market. Dharmesh will share his vision for where the industry is going and the opportunities for technologists who "hack" marketing. As a prolific angel investor, he will also highlight several of the new companies that he believes will have an impact on marketing and reveal what he looks for as an investor in the space. For more information, please visit: http://www.martechconf.com

Welcome to MarTech 2014 - The Marketing Technology Conference!

Welcome to the world's first conference dedicated to marketing technology leaders. Your host, Scott Brinker, will kick off this event with several exciting milestones that have been achieved this year by this pioneering profession at the intersection of marketing and IT. He will introduce the speakers and the audience� and frame the topics for the next two days around a common theme: how innovation in marketing technology management can drive your business in a digital world. For more information & to join us next time: http://www.martechconf.com/

Erik Brynjolfsson, Shaping the Future of Business in The Second Machine Age at MarTech

Hardware is getting faster. Software is getting smarter. And the network effects of billions of people connected around the world are multiplying. Welcome to the Second Machine Age. Exponentially improving technology, the digitization of everything, and the combinatorial possibilities of different innovations mixed together in creative new ways, provide incredible opportunities for businesses who embrace these forces � and present existential risks to those who underestimate them. Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and co-author of The New York Times bestseller The Second Machine Age, will share his research and insight into these tectonic shifts in technology's role in our lives and businesses. For more information & to join us next time: http://www.martechconf.com

Growing Business with Marketing Technology From Operations to Innovation

MarTech Conference speaker: Mayur Gupta, Global Head of Marketing Technology & Operations, Kimberly-Clark. The evolution of data and technology is compelling brands to find new ways to market in our digital world. Marketers are transforming their strategies, rethinking fundamental rules of consumer engagement and the role of technology in defining those rules. In this session, you'll learn how marketing technology has evolved from a commoditized enabler to a strategic capability that grows businesses and drives ROI, while creating new business models and channels through ongoing innovation driving stronger customer engagement and increasing sales. For more information & to join us next time: http://www.martechconf.com

CxO Talk Live: CMO Perspectives on Digital Transformation at MarTech 2014

Michael Krigsman and Vala Afshar, the insightful and entertaining co-hosts of the popular web series CxO Talk, will host a "live" version of their show on the MarTech stage on the topic of digital transformation with two renown digitally-savvy CMOs — Robert Tas of Pegasystems and Steve Mann of LexisNexis. Michael and Vala will drive a candid discussion about the real challenges these CMOs have faced in bringing their organizations digital — strategically, operationally, and culturally. For more information & to join us next time: http://www.martechconf.com/

Data: The Future of Marketing - Is Your Organization Ready? - MarTech Conference

Jane Hiscock - Moderator, Founder & CEO, Farland Group Wes Hunt - Speaker, Chief Data Officer Nationwide Insurance Lisa Ritchie - Speaker, SVP Customer Knowledge and Insights Scotiabank "Know your customer" is a basic and fundamental principle of marketing. But today, the volume and velocity of data created are challenging this basic principle and marketers find themselves quickly overwhelmed by its complexity. In this session we will bring together two prominent Chief Data Officers that are leading their company’s data and analytics strategies. Charged with the goal of uncovering value from the data, Wes Hunt from Nationwide and Lisa Ritchie from Scotiabank will share their perspectives on where value lies and the challenges that lay ahead for their roles. We will assess how marketers and the marketing function are tackling the data question and share lessons learned in building a comprehensive analytics strategy. Discussions will take a practical look at how companies are working to develop data cultures and acquire the right talent to fulfill the promise that data can deliver. For more information & to join us next time: http://www.martechconf.com

Growing ISV Ecosystems for Marketing Software Platforms - MarTech Conference 2014

Marketing software systems are becoming true "platforms." In addition to their native capabilities, they provide an open architecture enabling marketers to plug in products from independent software vendors (ISVs). This approach promises the best of both worlds: a stable foundation for core data and services and the flexibility to easily add more specialized functionality from a wide range of developers. In this special panel session, executives from three of the leading marketing software platforms - Adobe, IBM, and Marketo - will share their perspective on the evolution of their ISV ecosystems and what they mean for marketers: - What are the benefits to marketers of adopting an open platform? - What kinds of marketing capabilities are best served by ISVs? - What makes for a good relationship between platforms and ISVs? - Could agencies become the largest group of ISVs in the future? For more information & to join us next time: http://www.martechconf.com