Al Jazeera’s plan to win over millennials

by Ricardo Bilton
Al Jazeera may be struggling to capture American TV watchers, but it’s still holding out hope that it can get those never-offline millennial eyeballs. The broadcaster on Monday introduced AJ+, a mobile app built from the ground up to capture younger news consumers. Its content, most of which is video, is both short and shareable, which Al Jazeera hopes will make readers more i ...Read the full article

Anti-Israel Urban Myths Hurt Coke And Pepsi Sales In Pakistan

Why is there a boycott on Coke and Pepsi products in Landi Kotal, Pakistan, and how is an old urban legend with Israel involved? For a related story, check out this video on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS Movement): Subscribe for more videos: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Learn more about AJ+: