Can Conductive Ink Save Print?

by Herbert Lui
Remember QR codes? Ad Age declared them dead in 2013, and there’s a good chance that you haven’t thought of them since. But the spirit of the QR code—connecting the physical world with the digital world—is not dead, as we’ve seen with the rise of technologies like iBeacon. And now, there’s a new player on the rise: conductive ink.Read the full article

Beck's Playable Posters

This year we're ramping up our involvement with local music by commissioning emerging artists to create one off tracks and showcasing them on a world first interactive music-street poster! Coming to a poster site near you this NZ Music Month!

The Sound of Taste - Feel Flavour

'Feel Flavour - A Sonic Poster'

Herb & Spice brand Schwartz is all about flavour. But how do you dramatise flavour when flavour is invisible and silent?

Simple: make it possible for people to see, hear and feel it. Print Tech collective, Novalia and ad agency Grey London have collaborated on an interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.

Illustrator Billie Jean was invited to create a visual articulation of what taste might look like. Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork was then assigned a musical chord matching its flavour characteristic. For example, cumin became E flat major, chilli was ascribed A flat major and fennel was characterised by a higher pitched F minor. The image was then back-printed with an innovative conductive ink, effectively giving the poster capacitive touch technology. When paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth, the poster becomes an interactive musical instrument.

The poster was created as part of a Schwartz promotion designed to target the retail trade.


Client: Schwartz
Creative Agency: Grey London
Chief Creative Officer: Nils Leonard
Creative Director: Andy Lockley
Art Directors: Andy Lockley / Andy Garnett
Copywriter: Dan Cole
Creative Producers: Georgie Moran / Lucy Dunn
Original Music: MJ Cole / Soho Music.
Sound design: Holly Clancey
Production Company: Grey Works
Producer: Becky Knapp
DOP: Bruno Downey
Print Production / software developer: Novalia

The New Vogue, Concept Video

The final video of our presentation to Imagination, outlining our ideas, concepts and components and binding them together into a coherent whole. Read our development blog here: Team members: Andrew Emerson Emma Grattan James O' Neill Christoph Gaeng

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