Else 9.15.14: Ma, Theil, Apple Pay, and Minecraft

I’m easing back into this weekly Else column, or put another way, I missed last week’s Else due to preparations for NewCo SF, which I’m proud to say was a huge success. This week is Detroit, then New York, London, Boulder, LA, Palo Alto, but I get ahead of myself. For today, I’ll just focus on the best stories of the past 14 or so days.Read the full article

  • Peter Thiel disagrees with you

    fortune.com - 10 readers, 942 Tweets - The tech financier and intellectual provocateur has some ideas that may turn you off. But there's no arguing with his commercial achievements. That's why Silicon Valley hangs on his words.

  • Why Apple Pay could succeed where others have had underwhelming results

    arstechnica.com - 11 readers, 289 Tweets - Not because Apple is a huge and influential company, but because the timing is right.

  • A Cambrian Explosion In AI Is Coming |

    techcrunch.com - 13 readers, 317 Tweets - You can call it a Virtual Personal Assistant, an Intelligent Agent, an Intelligent Interface or whatever you wish. We call it inevitable. The era of the..

  • Buy, buy, baby

    economist.com - 10 readers, 82 Tweets - JONA MICI, A 27-year-old media trader, sits in front of her screen at Varick Media Management, a real-time advertising company in New York, and explains how she uses...

  • Utilities of the Future

    forbes.com - 16 readers, 67 Tweets - Over the last two centuries, humans have made astonishing inventions and discoveries that have transformed our everyday lives. Wave after wave of innovation gave birth to industries that never before existed. The giants who shaped these industries shaped our daily lives, making tremendous profits in the process. Within decades, the [...]

  • Who is Jack Ma, the man behind the largest ever tech IPO?

    telegraph.co.uk - 9 readers, 13 Tweets - Jack Ma transformed China’s export economy with Alibaba, the retail giant poised to overtake Walmart with the biggest market debut in US history. The Telegraph reports on the man behind the phenomenon