Conversion Funnel Optimization at Blue Fountain Media’s 2015 Forum

by Andrew Jung
Blue Fountain Media held its 3rd Annual Digital Marketing Trends Forum this year at the Gansevoort Park Ave Hotel on September 16-17. In the past, the event has only been one day. However, due to a large RSVP count this was the first time the seminar was held for two days. The forum's speakers were compromised of the Blue Fountain Media team and special guest speaker, Jon-Mic ...Read the full article

Jon-Michael Durkin - Finding the Right Leads: Engaging with Digital Targeting

Google's Agency Development Manager, Jon-Michael Durkin, discusses how to find the right leads with digital targeting. For more, visit:

Christina Shaw - Driving Leads Through The Conversion Funnel

Blue Fountain Media's CMO, Christina Shaw, discusses how to drive leads through the conversion funnel. For more, visit:

Joe DiNardo - Using Marketing Automation to Grow Your Business

For more information, visit: Blue Fountain Media's Director of Paid & Social Media Marketing, Joe DiNardo, discusses how to use marketing automation to grow your business.

John Marcinuk - Designing Your Site for Optimal SEO Results

For more, visit: Blue Fountain Media's Director of SEO, John Marcinuk, discusses how to best design your website for optimal SEO results.

Ashley Kemper - Online Advertising Beyond Search Ads

For more, visit: Blue Fountain Media Senior Marketing Strategist, Ashley Kemper, discusses the best advertising options available outside of search ads.