Why All Marketers Should Only Use Mobile Devices For a Weekend

by Nate Baker
I’m going to ask you to do something that might sound scary. I want you to turn off your computer for the whole weekend. Turning off your computer could actually make you money. No, it’s not because you’ll be more rested. The catch is that you can still use your smart phone or tablet. So what’s magic about restricting your options? I like the way Steve Jobs put it when he ...Read the full article

"Focusing is about saying no" - Steve Jobs (WWDC'97)

Excellent short answer on the importance of saying "no" and the effect on the people. Saying no is hard and it's not a matter of killing bad things, but must be done to focus. (Clipped from the mactechlab source video, I wasn't able to find the original source. Please contact me if you know it to give proper credits).