Why Crowdfunding Is a Must-Have Marketing Tool for Brands

When UC Berkeley decided to offer its executive education course on corporate crowdfunding, some faculty members wondered what relevance crowdfunding had to major brands. Especially because the original intent of crowdfunding was to help struggling small businesses—not billion-dollar brands. However, many companies are starting to realize that crowdfunding represents a uniqu ...Read the full article

Dodge Dart Registry - How to buy a 2014 Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart Registry a great way to fund your new Dart at http://dodgedartregistry.com

Project Drive-In: Help Honda Save an American Icon

America's drive-in theaters are vanishing. Visit http://ProjectDriveIn.com to help #SaveTheDriveIn. By the end of the year, movie studios will stop distributing 35mm film. The costly $75,000+ switch to digital projection is threatening drive-ins across the country. To help preserve this treasured American icon, Honda has started a national fund for contributions and is donating 5 digital projectors to the cause. Your votes decide where they go. Vote at http://projectdrivein.com Contribute to the fund at http://igg.me/at/savethedrivein