Vocus’ PR Solution Keeps the New Orleans Tourism Economy Strong

by Brian Conlin
“New Orleans relies on tourism. It’s one of the largest industries in Louisiana,” says Lea Sinclair. “It provides 78,000 jobs and brings the city billions of dollars.” As director of communications for the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC), Lea should know. She promotes the city’s culture, cuisine and events. The NOTMC is a city agency,” Lea explains.Read the full article

Vocus' PR Solution Keeps the New Orleans Economy Strong

Tourism is the Big Easy’s lifeblood, and the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) aims to keep it strong. They rely on the Vocus PR Suite to raise awareness of the city’s attractions through publicity and prove their PR’s value using analytics. The Vocus PR Suite helped NOTMC shift PR from a cost center to a profit center. See how Vocus helps the good times roll in New Orleans! - Vocus PR Suite: http://bit.ly/Xk7Lnq - Request a demo: http://bit.ly/1qsCPcR