Chrysler rolls out virtual factory tours

by Tanya Dua
Looking to buy a new car? Sure, you could go see it in a showroom and take it for a test-drive. But if you’re looking at the 2015 Chrysler 200, now you can also take a virtual tour of the factory where it’s assembled and see exactly how it comes together. The Chrysler 200 Factory Tour, built by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Google, lets consumers take a deep dive into the variou ...Read the full article

Chrysler 200 Factory | Research More than Just the Car | Reverse

Researching the Chrysler 200 should go beyond the showroom, reviews and looking under the hood. To truly know what you’re getting when you purchase a new car, you need to research the factory that builds it. The All-New Chrysler 200 rebuilt from the factory up.