My Monthly Income Report – July and August 2014

by Pat Flynn
Welcome to a special edition of my monthly income reports, one that includes two months worth of numbers and lessons! Let’s waste no time. July and August 2014, here we go… July 2014 Riding off of the successful beta launch of The Smart Podcast Player in June, which sold out 250 licenses in less than 24 hours, my team and I met in Portland during World Domination Summit to plan ...Read the full article

Pat Flynn is Coming to Podcast Movement 2015!

Breakthrough Blogging Hangout - Nathan Barry on Making and Selling Your Thing

Breakthrough Blogging community hangout with Nathan Barry about making and selling your thing. Nathan's been a previous guest on the SPI podcast, and we'll be talking about how he's done so well with selling his knowledge and expertise through eBooks and other means. Ask questions, have fun and enjoy!