Pandora Surprises Users With Live, One-On-One #ThumbMoments Concert With Lindsey Stirling

by Steve Hall
If you use the music app Pandora then you are familiar with the thumbs-up and thumbs-down method of indicating whether or not you like a song. Working with TwoFifteenMccann and playing off this simple interaction, Pandora has launched a new campaign entitled #ThumbMoments. Earlier this month, fans who gave a thumbs-up to a song by electronic dance music violinist Lindsey Sti ...Read the full article

Pandora #ThumbMoments with Lindsey Stirling

Listen to Lindsey Stirling Radio on Pandora here: Recently we surprised eight Lindsey Stirling fans with a video call, simply because they thumbed up one of Lindsey's songs. The "Thumb Moment" was full of gasps, cheers and even some tears as these listeners came face-to-face with an artist they admire.