Sun spots: Inside Jimmy Dean’s ‘solar-powered’ GIF campaign

by Tanya Dua
Jimmy Dean is a brand best known for its lardy sausages and patties and other bizarre, calorie-laden breakfast food creations (Pancakes and sausage on a stick, anyone?). But now, the breakfast brand is expanding its menu and stepping up its marketing game. Earlier this month, it introduced its new line of frozen lunch and dinner offerings, and an accompanying marketing campaign ...Read the full article

Sun Cinema: The Making of Jimmy Dean's Solar Powered GIFs

Sun Cinema was an art installation made by Jimmy Dean. The event took place on famous Hollywood Blvd and harnessed the power of the sun to create the world's first solar-powered GIFs. Check out the making-of "Sun Cinema" to announce that Jimmy Dean is here for lunch and dinner. #SunPowered