Ecommerce Sites: Mastering Successful Social Media Management

by Cat Fyson
If your ecommerce business is not utilising social media, it’s time to catch up. There are many brands finding success through social media marketing, growing their communities and seeing significant engagement across the board. Effectively managing your social media platforms allows you to not only promote your products, but also create and monitor conversations with existing ...Read the full article

Neil Gaiman - The Book That Made Me...

...Want to Write As part of our Book That Made Me...campaign, Neil Gaiman tells us about the inspiration he took from CS Lewis and the Narnia books. Watch the video to find out more... You can tell your story of The Book That Made

Introducing O.W.L.S.

We're excited to announce the Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service, a brand new way to receive your favourite books. O.W.L.S. consists of a fleet of specially trained owls that, either working individually or as an adorable team, will be able to deliver your package within thirty minutes of you placing your order. Watch our Press Manager Jon Owls introduce the O.W.L.S. project. Putting O.W.L.S. into commercial use will take a number of years as it takes ages to train owls to do anything and we only just thought of it this morning. Find out more about O.W.L.S.